14 Committee Minutes November 2017

27 Nov 14 Committee Minutes November 2017

UK International 14 Committee: Sat 4th November 2017 after racing at ISC


Attending: Andy Fitz, Andy Penman, Mark Tait, Hugh Maclean, Rich Dobson, Harvey Hillary, Dan Holman, Colin Smith, Caroline Gosford


Apologies: Luke Boughton, Ed Fitz




  1. Minutes of previous Committee meeting: 7 Oct 2017

Approved and on website


  1. Treasurers report – Andrew
    • 2017 fees collection update and process to complete.

Reconciliation completed, list of non-payers sent to Caroline to chase up.  PayPal faster and more convenient but costs more, offer all payment methods.

2018 budget includes additional funds from increased Ordinary Boat Owner rate and will deliver production of Class brochure, improved Dinghy Show presence, video and photography across season, subsidised class training events. Could look at paying for areas where we are short of member volunteers such as Marketing, national media and press coverage, or class clothing etc.

  • Process required to increase Boat Owner fee e.g. Standing Orders etc.

Membership Form redrafted to add voting rights, change 2017 to 2018, Older Boat to registered after 1st Jan 2006, current boat owner from £50 to £100.


  1. Association Membership Review – Caroline

To report back before Christmas.

Process to amend membership categories is to amend Constitution via AGM. Aim for active members to use a fully integrated membership, payment and entry online platform, not using Club to Class as it doesn’t integrate in IT terms.  Existing website  already set up to collect membership via PayPal. Aim to be live for 1st January if possible.

  • Discuss discounting 1st POW entry for new owners.

Agreed £50 discount, this needs to be in welcome pack – Caroline. Ensure this is on website with Membership fees once agreed – Rich

  • Discuss how and when enforce Membership requirement.

Constitutional rule that class association membership is required to enter regattas to be enforced from Easter 2018, with notice of this given to Members in good time – Caroline

  • Strawberry Marketing role

Caroline document process including buy/sell boats, comms and fee – need payment reminders!

  • Member category analysis including churn

2014/15/16 Member lists obtained, and although low numbers, shows year on year growth, waiting 2017 membership as this will need chasing up – Caroline

  • Membership contact list for regular e-mailings and membership chasing
  • New Member Welcome Pack and process
  • What do you get for your membership?

Budget for 2018 includes some new benefits, need things for all Members, new, active and inactive – Caroline. Look at how to persuade more people to become members.

  • Recommendations for change



  • UK Sailing Calendar – Harvey
    • POW 10-13th May 2018 at Exe SC.

Meeting club early Nov to finalise budget and what’s included, plus Service Level Agreement – Harvey & Andy Penman. Once more details are available, Entry Form to be web-based, but simple please – Rich. Create a sales sheet for the event (reduced entry cost is good) – Harvey. Research Dinner venues – Luke.  Harvey to consider offering the photography gig (all days all images) + sales stall to several photographers to do a deal.

Agreed no formal measuring, only spot checks if required, but all kit needs to be measured before the event – Mark.

  • Training Weekends

Programmed 2 weekends like this year at ISC. Agreed that they should be charged, but that the Association would subsidise these events – Andrew Penman.  One weekend to be formally coached (c £200 per day) the other overseen by suitable people like Roger Yeoman, Sam Pascoe etc, need video feedback for all and use club facilities to watch back – Ed Fitz.  List of suitable formal coaches to be complied by Harvey, agreed to approach Sam Pascoe to run second weekend – Fitz.  Need to promote to all as this is a good way to bring on new people – Luke, enable people to come and watch – Ed Fitz

  • Wave conditions training

Discussing a 2017 Saturday in the bay, with Perry Pot Sunday on a high water weekend. Specific invites, swap people around boats, would be ok to borrow ISC RIBs, but would need drivers – Ed Fitz to ask around

  • Open Meeting circuit

Most of 2018 calendar now in place at Itchenor and Hayling, with Gallon and Hoptons and Hayling Hull before Worlds to encourage attendance from travelling boats. Look to increase circuit with

Widen to include more venues and use Ranelagh Trophy. Netley won’t work for 2018, Harvey to see if we can pair up with Musto Skiffs for some events.

  • Creation of standard I14 SIs and NOR
  • Event/Circuit Sponsorship

Andy Fitz to follow up Spinlock interest in POW (£2,000 for bow stickers costing c £150, promo video their cost, but they control output, potential naming rights etc), circuit TBD

  • POW 2019

Harvey to contact Royal Cornwall at Falmouth with Peter Crockford’s help as required. Aim for late August/end school holidays date like Rock.

  • Worlds 2021-23

Likely to be our turn around then, need to start thinking about this soon if want venues like Mounts Bay for example – Harvey


  • International Sailing Calendar – Andy Fitz
    • San Fran Worlds 2018:
      • Containering update re: proposed dates/contingency time – Andy F
      • Process to collect £500 San Fran containering depositsAndy Fitz to write to those proposing to go during Nov requesting deposits. Caroline to contact wider membership and other active sailors to promote same details. Deadline for payment 20th Nov means you’re in the box.
      • AccommodationAndy Fitz to request information
      • Worlds Team Racing – George Yeoman and Andy Shaw have agreed to propose a process and coordinate GBR teams. Class Association pays 50% of entry fees – Andrew Penman.
      • World Association issues to raise – All to consider, suggestions to date are maintaining International status, state of the fleets and how to grow, around measuring and rules, weight has been done to death, multiple mainsails can be managed within existing rules by stumping and zips, jib measuring need to standardise, consider sleeved mainsails? – All.
    • Proposed Europeans 2019: Germany: Flensburg

German fleet contacted to support and request dates asap.  Caroline to contact with proposed POW 2019 date of late August.


  • Sailing Matters – Andy F – Item not discussed
    • POW lessons learnt
    • Shortening W-L courses with 2 LW gates
    • Format of racing at POW

4 day POW will mean multiple each days

  • Club to Class system enhancements required to optimise
  • Mainsail rule: discuss promoting stumping/second main options
  • Cost of Itchenor events – Ed Fitz
  • Walker Trophy – Ed Fitz
  • Perry Pot

Last day Saturday 16th Dec, prize-giving dinner and party all arranged


  • Future of the Class: How to increase numbers of UK 14s on the water

Create two Sub Groups from within and outside Committee to consider this, one looking at potential boat-related changes to get more boats and spares built more accessibly and cheaply, and another looking at how we market the class to encourage more people to join 14 class – Harvey/Fitz/Caroline. Some potential topics below

  • Boat builders

Need more boats built, with several builders keen and guaranteed supply and spares chain. IOW moulds sold, class involvement in this?  Zest have pulled back, prefer the Chinese hull option. Solent Boatyards are good, could approach them, Ben McGrane recommended Demon on East coast, Kev Driver at Beer also worth approaching. A new 505 is £25k with a metal mast, a new Moth or 49’er are £22k, so a realistic price will be higher than all these.

  • Standardisation of kit

Look to make the boats easier to build and less bespoke to increase numbers. Have a stock of spares for e.g. CST masts with trained boat builders.  Look first at the potential for rudders/stocks standardisation?

  • Marketing and how to attract more people into 14s

Marketing what the class has to offer in a strategic, co-ordinated and joined up way. 14s are aspirational, available, affordable, have history, can carry weight. Need consistent branding centred around a single strapline like 14s are forever.

Need a few good boats at high profile multiclass events like Bloody Mary, Tiger Trophy, Datchet Flyer etc, all branded with sail and boat logos with weblink, and website cIearly offering Try, Sail, Buy options.

Need input from professional marketeer like Andy Peake, Pudney etc.

Could work up a “brochure” of key selling points, for print and electronic use. Andy Fitz offered support from Oceanair marketing to do this.

  • Logo, Fourteens are forever

This has been diluted over the years, and needs updating then reinforcing.  Andy Fitz to sound out Pudney about modernising logo and brand style


  • Measurer – Mark

To ensure all kit is measured ahead of POW/Worlds, arrange formal weighing session at Easter Itchenor Regatta – Mark. Identify dates in April/May 2018 where people can get their kit measured – Mark

  • Measuring new boats – done
  • Measurers

Now have Measurers at HISC (Tom Partington) Falmouth (Peter Crockford) and 3 at Itchenor (Mark Tait, Hugh Maclean and Chris Watson).  All contact details, where they are based, what they can measure (boats, sails, both) and rates for same to be on website, so no excuses – Mark.  Andy Shaw and Mark to attend RYA Sail measuring course – Association pays – Mark

  • Class position/survey on potential rule changes

To inform responses to weight reduction and multiple mains at Worlds; use feedback from weighting and measuring sessions to inform UK position – Mark


  • UK Website – Rich

POW report got 1500 hits. Some web add-ons will need replacing cost c $150: Agreed – Rich action

  • “Your Committee” tab with contacts

This is on website with specific role-based emails which are transferable to new people, All to submit photos to Rich, either sailing or other.  Boats for Sale working more simply.

  • Calendar

Use existing, can synch to own calendar, hit “subscribe” button and follow instructions or ask Rich

  • Measurers details

To follow via Mark

  • New section for potential 14ers

Website now encouraging new people to contact us to try a 14 and how to buy.

In time include a “How to buy a 14” section with gear guides (hulls, masts, foils sails) and offering “Try a 14” trial sail – Harvey drafting

  • Photos

Agreed  to sell photos via PayPal at £25 for high res – Andy Penman. Do a Gossip item for this once set up – Christmas pressies! – Luke

To hire a photographer + 20 shots for Class = £150, £600 own all shots, 2018 budget for higher cost to create revenue stream – Andy Penman.

  • Class clothing sales

Set up on website for remaining stock with photo, sizes and prices (£20) with payment form.  Andy Penman to pass stock to Fitz to pick, pack and send out.


  • Dinghy Exhibition 2018 – Hugh & Luke

Costs £1000 to be there, so need to get this right!

  • Exhibition Admin

Stand in Colin Smith’s garage in working order. Deposit paid, Programme wording done, been invited to do a Class Association Tech Talk as a feature during the event, need to find the right person to do this – Hugh. Form re: stand facilities like carpet to be returned – Hugh

  • Sponsor to be sourced

Lennon, Allen, Harken, North, Marlow via Pete Crockford offered and no takers, Andy Fitz to ask Spinlock.  Money to cover cost of stand and posters (est £250) preferred to teeshirts

  • Rota of volunteers to run the stand

Chris Watson volunteered, need chatty personable people and some younger sailors of both sexes – Hugh/Luke

  • Video content

Rock POW Photolounge slide show, VR Sport and Carnac video, POW 2016 HISC material, historic footage, Harry Penman or other drone footage, maybe Perry Pot? Hugh/Luke



  • Poster/calendar 2018

Use Rock POW photos – Andy Penman to send photographer details to Hugh, need sponsor – Hugh

  • Boat for stand

Dan’s boat won’t be on Harken stand, so can use it on 14 stand, may change depending on sponsorship – Hugh


  • Publicity and Social – Luke

Article for Y & Y and Seahorse by Mark Jardine about the latest generation of 14’s with input from Dan.  Need more in these publications!

  • POW Gear Guide and other

Done and promoted. Follow up with a write-up about POW height, weight and age ranges – could use Nigel Ash’ app, old fashioned plank and scales, RS800 calculator – or ask Peter Bentley to do it – Andy Fitz/Harvey to contact him.

  • Event write-ups

Luke to work with Neale Jones to pre-book report writers for each event and get report out in following week with photos. Ask Kimball to do Firecracker – Caroline.

  • Regular Gossip e-newsletters

To go to all Members and on social media, likely topics could be announce all 2018 dates, Worlds with 2 containers going, POW, Easter, HISC Whitsun, containering, story of GBR 1500 Liam and Tom Stacpoole – low cost, high fun, good results – Luke

  • Mailing Lists

Clarity needed about Facebook I14 list v ISC I14 list v Gossip list, email lists etc, and which we are using for what – Luke to liaise with Issy and report back.  An email list from many sources of members, sailors and everyone else we could think of was compiled for containering information – ask Caroline


  • Committee Administration
    • Meetings

At events, or monthly: Weds/Thurs at 8pm via Skype. Agreed to meet at Itchenor on Sat 16th Dec after racing for last Perry Pot (11:00 start). Agreed to skip the day to day admin for this meeting and focus on the key issue around how to get more 14s on the water in the future.  – Caroline/Andy Fitz to scope out an agenda.

  • Falmouth Fleet Rep

Peter Crockford/Jamie Shelton – Andy Fitz contact to sound out

  • Class clothing

Need to find someone to take this on – All  to think who might be willing, and develop it as income stream.

  • World Association liaison

Colin Smith said ISAF annual meeting was imminent, but nothing relevant to us coming up. In respect of international status, each year Colin compiles a report from all the countries and submits it. Colin to share this with Fitz. Caroline to add Colin onto UK Committee circulation for information.


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