2010 Armband Cup

13 Aug 2010 Armband Cup


This year’s Armband Cup saw near perfect weather, with a very relaxed launch from the often-treacherous Itchenor slipway followed by a gradually building breeze. The Armbanders experienced a good range of 14 conditions, from lying on the foredeck going nowhere in the first race to full-on twin wiring by the final race. Thank you to Jeremy Pudney, Caroline Gosford and the rest of the race team, and to Robin Nott for providing the prizes.

Results,after application of the very complex handicapping system, were as follows:

1st GBR1501 Josie Gibson & James Fox
2nd and first boy GBR1500 Hamish Chilvers & Douglas Pattison
3rd GBR1520 Nikki Russell & Dave Royse

Other teams, in no particular order:
Eddie Glennie & Robin Nott, Izzy & Charlotte Fitzgerald, Megan Burrough & Ed Clay, Kat Ward & Andy Penman, Vicky & Martin Jones, Ellie Symonds Taylor & Tom Watkins, Henry Spreckley & Martin Pascal, Ed and Hugh MacLean, Phil Eltringham & Rollo Pyper



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