AGM 2009 Restronguet

12 Jul AGM 2009 Restronguet


AGM 2009 Restronguet, Tuesday 8th September

Start 1700 hrs, >40 participants



  1. Class Overview
  2. Proposed Rule Changes
  3. Update on Worlds in Sydney
  4. 2010 Calendar
  5. POW
  6. Europeans Venue & timing
  7. Election of Officers
  8. Treasurers Report
  9. Other Business
  10. Future Worlds venues
  11. Worlds Team Racing


2. Proposed Rule Changes

Proposed rule changes introduced by Rollo Pyper (RP), Colin Smith (CS) and Damon Roberts (DR). Discussions start with mainsail rule change. Once CS arrives, summary and wording (Attachments 1 and 2) distributed to AGM and rules discussed in turn. CS supplies voting forms for anyone wishing to vote immediately.

2.1. Australian proposal to include everything except foils in hull weight.

RP: Sees problems with this rule. First, the 100Kg is too heavy, as in his view boats would need to add lead to come up to weight. Secondly, in his view, implementation is a nightmare, as all equipment included in any boat weight measurement would need to be marked. Any modification to the equipment, rigging or sheets would mean the boat needs reweighing.

AGM general sentiment – no support for this proposal.

2. 2. World Secretary proposal to change “spinnaker reaching legs” from class rule to Worlds Council policy.

CS introduces as a rule that ISAF have asked us to change. A Fitzgerald (AF) asks for confirmation that the intention is to retain the reaching legs and CS replies that it will become World Council policy rather than being a Class Rule.

AGM general sentiment – supportive

2. 3. World Secretary proposal to clarify sail numbers are not needed on spinnakers

CS explains this is a tidy up, to allow us to continue doing what we do now – ie sail without numbers on spinnakers.

AGM general sentiment – supportive

2. 4. World Secretary proposal to adopt use of ISAF plaques

CS explains this is a piece of admin requested by ISAF. It won’t change our costs and each new boat will get a sticker from ISAF on registration.

AGM general sentiment – supportive

2. 5. Worlds Secretary proposal to amend class constitution to clarify number of votes per country

CS explains this is to help clarify the process of linking a countries number of votes to the number of boats. AF asks what the definition of a complying boat is; CS responds.

AGM general sentiment – supportive.

2. 6. UK proposal to allow hydrofoils on rudder or daggerboard only

DR introduces, saying the rule proposal is to clarify that a lifting foil should be on the rudder or daggerboard only, although there would be a grandfathering in of any existing boat with lifting foils elsewhere.

Mixed response from the AGM; Several voiced opinion that developments with foils elsewhere was a relatively low cost modification and shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing, particularly if it’s found to make the boat faster. MJ responds that he’s had long discussions with Zeb Elliot, who’s actively involved with experiments running foils from the hull. In his (MJ) opinion, this type of development could take us to a “half-foiling” stage, which could prove faster and could dramatically change the hull shape, hence MJ supports this rule proposal. DR agrees. Dominic van Essen asks if a foil on a dagger board could potentially achieve the same “half-foiling” state? Ben McCrane then asks if such a development would also change the hull shape. DR acknowledges this could be the case. AGM has a mixed response to this rule proposal.

2. 7. UK proposal to allow use of old sails in heavy weather.

MJ: this rule proposal originates from discussion at last year’s AGM. The aim being to steer a path between the existing one mainsail rule and the AUS concern of controlling cost. AF raises concern “old” may be really difficult to define effectively (see actual wording, which gives detail). Katie Nurton asks if we are looking to put two mainsails back on the agenda. Several comment that in effect this will open the door, eg with recutting of older sails for windy conditions. Roger Gilbert agrees that this would generate multi sail campaigns at the front of the fleet. He asks if it’s better to turn a blind eye to some sailors using older sails in high wind conditions. Philip McDanell reiterates that the intention of the rule is to allow us all to sail in mid-high wind range and that being able to use two mainsails would help. With debate turning to “do we want a two mainsail rule?” a show of hands gives a 50:50 split in the room of whether an outright two mainsail rule would be supported. However, the rule under discussion is for a second, old mainsail, only in high wind conditions.

AGM general sentiment – mixed

2. 8. UK proposal to control use of square-top mainsails

Initially introduced by RP, illustrating with a drawing why the existing rule is difficult to enforce, as the maximum sailplan height is measured relative to the waterline. The new rule just limits the sail area and the height of the sail at the luff. Andy Partington (APart) raises his concern on the timing, saying it is a significant problem to bring the new rule in just before the worlds. RG adds to this concern, for example, if the new rule allows him to add sail area, he’d like to do it. However boats are containering in a few weeks. RP responds says most sails are close to the proposed new sailarea. He explains that sails measured before 1st Dec will use the old method; sails after 1st Dec will use the new. Some further discussion as AGM explores practicality of having sails measured with differing methods at the worlds. Overall there’s general support for the change, however with significant concerns over timing relative to the worlds. MJ sums up; if the rule is not passed, then anyone with an existing sail, where there is risk of the peak going above the max height, runs the risk of being protested. With this rule change, this risk goes away. AF asks if the existing rule is enforceable; DR confirms that it is very difficult, but that AUS have ideas. AF asks if the methods can be distributed.

AGM general sentiment; unsure. Martin Jones recommends we vote Yes.

3. Update on Worlds in Sydney

Ed Clay : Three containers booked, loading on 17th October. If anyone wants boats unloaded before 20th Dec, contact EC. Price not yet finalised. Paul Ravenhill asks if anyone is interested in coming back via Hawaii; no takers at AGM.

4. 2010 Calendar

4.1 POW

Douglas Pattison (DP): calendar is underway. Open event planned in Weymouth (support demonstrated with show of hands). POW is planned as 4-day event at Hayling Island Sailing Club ~ 15-18th July over Thurs – Sun incl, with POW on Saturday.

4.2 European venues and timing

Garda: will not be the usual date; club is proposing either ~5th or 19th May. AGM expresses preference for earlier date, thought to coincide with a UK bank holiday.

France: proposing an event in either June or September; AUT offering Euros in Lake Como in June. AGM expresses preference for Garda, plus long weekend later in the year.

4.3 Other open meetings

Grafham Inlands are in plan for next year; Weston also keen to run event.

All events to be confirmed; inputs to DP and APart.

5. Election of Officers

Proposer Martin Jones, Seconder Jon Blackburn

Existing officers:

Vice Chairman: Colin Smith

Treasurer: Andy Penman

Secretary: Louise Walker

New Roles:

Ed Clay: Chairman

Katie Nurton: Trophies

Charles Duchesne: Socials

Douglas Pattison: ISC Fleet

Rich Dobson: website

6. Treasurer’s Report – Plus digression into class marketing

AP: Normally budget to break even over the year, with typically the major expenses being the dinghy show and admin. Dinghy show typical costs are ~£1100, although it was a bit more this year with the exhibition. This year we also haven’t done a gossip, so exceptionally we have a surplus. The balance typically floats at around £7.5k.

AF asks how we should promote the class. Paul Ravenhill asks about a DVD at Sydney.

Harvey Hilary asks what the class is trying to promote and how we can build the mid/back end of the fleet. Show of hands for more training events is positive and well supported. Alan Beeton (AB) asks for more incentives to keep sailors coming back and to combat the attitude “there’s no point, everyone’s ahead”. Julian Pearson says often older boat sailors aren’t class members, so we need to work out how to communicate with them. Alex Smith comments that the cost of travel to Chi harbour is a barrier to some sailors; and more so than a race entry fee. MJ adds comment that Jamie Campbell, is collecting photos of each boat, and any new information is welcomed.

Action: AB and APart to look at how to bring sailors to POW next year.

Other promotional ideas mooted:

Promotional DVD

More training events

Actively finding & reaching older boats

More advertising

Maintaining a list of ex members

Membership incentives, eg. “rejoin free for a year at the dinghy show”

7. Other Business:

7a. Future Worlds Venues

MJ introduces the possibility of a worlds in Thailand, following a lead from George Nurton & Pom Green. This would be an alternative to proposal of Toronto, Canada. GN promises that Thailand would offer sun, sand, 30 degrees, F3-4, hot, large lawns for launching boats. Green Marine (Pom) are local and would be able to help with some logistics. Ben McCrane adds his experience of sailing a Worlds at the proposed location; “frigging hot, 8-12 kts, good launching, open plan club and a town centre all about sex”. Best season is Nov – March. Show of hands shows positive support for Thailand.

7b. Worlds Team Racing

Tom Heywood: recruiting two teams, one based on POW results and other based on Walker Trophy.

7c. Worlds Clothing

Paul Ravenhill: Team kit is in plan with Musto; they are offering 50% off all range of kit. PR suggests one common piece of kit, such as polo shirt for ~£10 plus embroidery. Natalie will be doing design, should be finalised at end of Sept. Other suggestions from AGM include cricket hat with ashes on..

7d. Minutes from AGM 2008

Printed copies available at AGM. Minutes approved; proposed Colin Smith, seconded Rollo Pyper.

7e. Courses at Worlds, 2010

CS: Sydney Worlds will have reaches in, if they can. It depends on wind direction. If not, it will be windward-leeward only.

7f. AF proposes a vote of thanks for Martin Jones, for his two years service as chairman.


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