Class Association

Anyone entering an International 14 open event in the UK must be a member of the International 14 Class Association. See below for the various membership categories and click here to join. If you own an International 14 registered in the UK, you must be an Ordinary Member.

If you have just bought an International 14, you will also need to register your boat.


Ordinary Membership is a requirement for any owner of an International 14 registered in the UK. Ordinary Members are entitled to two votes at a General Meeting or in a postal ballot. Owners of Penultimate (built to rules dated 1984 to 1995) and Classic boats (pre-1984 rules) may opt to pay a reduced fee, in which case they are entitled to only one vote. If a boat is jointly owned, at least one owner must be an Ordinary Member. The other may be either an Ordinary Joint Owner (one vote) are an Assocation Member (no voting rights).


Honorary Life Members

May be elected by The Committee. At the discretion of the Committee, potential and past owners of International 14s and those who have had a long and close association with the Class may be Ordinary Non-Boat Owners and be entitled to one vote.