26 Jul Classic International 14 open meeting at Blakeney Sailing Club

Alan Robinson gave the briefing and the welcome before the sailors launched into the VERY light wind. So light was the wind that many took advantage of the tow to the start line by the patrol boat. Fortunately the wind picked up and made for skilled light wind sailing – though some did say that the crew having to use the trapeze to balance the boat did not mean light winds. When the International 14s starting sequence of 5,4,1,0 ended it signaled the commencement start sequence for the Series 2 races. The courses were set for the boats of the day and allowed great use of symmetrical spinnakers e.g. they could be kept flying for two legs around buoys 4 & 9 and on towards 3. ? The shore crew were boosted by supporters Joy and Roy Perryman; Roy was seen to assist the recovery Seafly 623 Freespirit (in which he had sailed many times) whilst Joy brought her home made quiche which went down a treat.


Classic International 14 open meeting at Blakeney © Steve Soanes

Sunday had very different courses to Saturday. As well as taking the 8.7m tide into consideration the sailors had to cope with fluctuating wind changing from 5 minutes to 5 minutes. Some hit buoys and some had minor boat collisions, but the penalty turns were done. ?Congratulations to Chris and Nick Dunster in International 14 numbered 859 who having won all four races over the weekend were the deserving winners of the Wolfe Cup. Second place and winners of the Chase Trophy in International 14 numbered 1095 were John Masters and crews Alan Jackson (Saturday) and Edward Allen (Sunday)? At the start of the second race, the race officers had set the start line at 90 degrees to the SSW wind. Then just as the International 14s were finishing their start sequence, the wind went through a 180 degrees change in direction. The race officer was faced with a choice, either abandon the races and reset the start line and start all over again or watch with amusement at spinnakers were set for a run to buoy 8. Since time and tide make no allowances for such eventualities the race had to go on. Meanwhile the starting sequence for the next race had already commenced but in the excitement, the raising and lowering of the Preparatory flag just did not seem so important.

180 degrees shifts also challenged the unwary as they thought they were home and dry on the last leg of the second race, quickly followed by another 180 degrees shift.

All showed their appreciation for the refreshments at the clubhouse by a rousing cheer sent to Christine Hibberd, Irma Fowler and Jane Lewis in the galley. Many thanks to Chris Keys for helming the patrol boat.

More photos from the weekend will be posted on the clubs website too: blakeneysailing.co.uk/photo-galleries

Blakeney Sailing Club Race Series 2 concluded thus weekend and results are posted on the club’s website.

International 14 Results:

Pos Helm Crew Sail No R1 R2 R3 R4 Pts
1st Chris Dunster Nick Dunster 859 ?1 1 1 1 3
2nd John Master Edward Allen Alan Jackson 1095 ?3 2 3 2 7
3rd Brian Willimont Joe Plant 1136 2 ?3 2 3 7
4th Ian Turbery Cilia Turbery 885 (RET) 4 4 4 12

Classic International 14 open meeting at Blakeney photo copyright Steve Soanes taken at Blakeney Sailing Club and featuring the International 14 class

Classic International 14 open meeting at Blakeney – photo © Steve Soanes

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