Committee Meeting Minutes Oct 2018

11 Oct Committee Meeting Minutes Oct 2018

  • 14 committee meeting Thursday October 4th at Andy FitzGerald’s

    Present: Chair AF, Sailing Sec Harvey Hillary, Treasurer Andy Penman  and social/media Sec by Luke Boughton( by SKYpe)

    Apologies : Andy Shaw , Caroline Gosford , Hugh Mclean , Edward FitzGerald, Charlie Duchesne , Mark Tait, Rich Dobson

    New Committee member

    • We welcomed Andy Shaw in his absence and thanked him for volunteering.
    • Does Rob Struckett his crew want to join too?
    • We congratulated Charlie Duchesne on his appointment as World secretary and welcome his attendance at any UK 14 committee meeting
    • Harvey Hillary also agreed to be vice Chairman as per the class constitution.

    AGM Notice

    • AGM at ISC on 3rd Nov at 5.00
    • We have to get the information out by 21 days prior to the Nov 3rd
    • In the absence of Caroline AF will do
    • Email was claimed to be sufficient
    • Officers all stand for re-election except Caroline who will help to introduce the new online system
    • Vacancy for Class Secretary
    • Vacancy for Editor of Gossip
    • Vacancy for Classic co-ordinator
    • Prize giving at AGM at Itchenor – Are there any prizes to hand out? Action ?
    • Last years Mins Action CG
    • Treasure’s report Action AP
    • Those present all agreed to stand again. AF to check with those not present.

    Constitution update

    • Too late to do constitution changes for AGM , CG has document but needs to go to Notty
    • The committee ran through the proposed changes at our Itchenor meeting.
    • Discussions over voting – polls or Ballots what was the definitions of them ( could be added as a foot note.


    • Updated Mailing list still outstanding , Action CG
    • AF reported there is no trigger to update one’s address, email etc with 14 records
    • Caroline unfortunately has not been well and no report from out last meeting at Itchenor


    Class online subs project

    • Following a brief issued to Rich D he has made good progress and is testing a system called Webcollect which has an annual charge of £120 . We await Rich further work on the details.
    • Rich has submitted his project plan – Poseidon and awaits answers on a number of points from the committee.
    • Step 2 is other class management opportunities using the platform
    • Step 3 in this process is online management of class measurement certificates

    Dinghy Exhibition March 2-3rd – Written submission by Andy Shaw

    • Hugh Maclean had delegated our newest committee member Andy Shaw who has things well in hand. De facto the class seems keen to go despite possible falling attendance.
    • A call for a London 14 party to follow on the Sat night. Action LB
    • Luke B said he would do the Manning Rota
    • Which boats ?– It was hoped Chris T would have a new boat on his stand
    • 14’s stand had room for 2 – another new B6Mk2, Andy P to be asked and one other ?
    • Stand is stored at Colins and is fit for purpose.
    • Last year DM made a stand to sit the boat on – do we need this again? Will it fit another design.
    • Rolling VR sports video can be used on live link . Process to be conformed – LB
    • Our stand is next to Spinlock our key sponsor.
    • New Poster was agreed as Ed and Neale pic ( as per front cover of Itchenor club mag) . Class to approach Spinlock to sponsor it ? Typical value is £500. Action ??
    • Boat for sales listing also required – Action LB

    POW 2019 , 26-30th August– Harvey reported

    • Harvey and Andy P reported on their visit to the RCYC at Falmouth
    • RCYC have agreed to do it and now passes it over to their organising company.
    • They will sign up to our regatta contract
    • Fees max to be £275 , cost of the dinghy park was the problem as HM wanted £2500
    • Regatta chairman ex 14 Neil Andrews
    • OK for arrival by Saturday , practice race ?
    • Measurement proposal,( not discussed) – Action MT
    • Pow dinner on the Friday at the club in the marque
    • Dinghy park self-contained with changing rooms at the Falmouth Watersports club
    • Deal done with the tea hut for post-race refreshment
    • AF reminded everyone of the RCYC int 14 trophy awarded for all races over the event, no discard.
    • NOR and SI will be a while yet – Action HH
    • POW on the Wednesday, 2 race Friday finish at 4pm
    • New idea’s were discussed
      • Tracking system – HH to review
      • Long distance race – second race of the day , not part of the series
    • Sponsoring support
      • Peter Crockford has apparently offered for beers one evening
      • Headline sponsor £1,000 all will offset the cost or enable more to be done
    • VR sports video, we had an approach but HH thought there was an alternative. HH to review
    • Concerns over Safety cover . AF’s Rib offered!
    • Professional photography support? Not discussed.
    • Should be able to make a formal announcement soon without waiting for final price/NoR


    Calender 2019 – Harvey reported

    • POW 2020 Proposed Tynemouth with Howard Stevenson as Race officer. This was supported as an old 14 centre.
    • AF circulated Ed Fitz Itchenor program, Harvey to integrate with UK Calender
    • Draft to go onto website ASAP.
    • Keen to have a Tynemouth opening meeting
    • HH has an offer from Torbole to hold a summer Europeans in 2020
    • Longer term UK offer for the worlds was debated. Suggestion we run it from Lake Garda , Torbole. Other venues suggested were Itchenor, Slovenia. A joint Hayling Itchenor was discussed but it would be a split fleet.
    • The Century cup lives on and was a much requested event for next year – Action Phil Mcd. Harvey to contact for a proposed date. Action HH

    New Boat progress – Andy F reported

    • Ovington Boat B6 mk2 is progressing to be built at Weymouth by Chris and Sam Pascoe
    • One boat is available soon as Chris is sticking it together
    • Price and deliver details still awaited. Subject to price 3 firm orders and 2 maybes

    Other membership and boat news

    • The committed noted Liam Stackpole is building a new boat in Falmouth
    • Due to the excitement generated by San Fran there has been a lot of boat interest
    • New members at Itchenor with Ian Lodder and Williamson forming a new team having moved on from the RS 800
    • IF we do a Tymemouth POW there was talk of other new boats from the northern fleet.

    World report – AF

    • UK fleet had been asked to put up a trophy for a worlds race
    • Measurement issue with Jibs . Action Mark Tait
    • New Secretary – Charlie Duchane
    • AF had previously circulated the world Meetings mins
    • Regatta was a great success if a bit windy for all the fleet, a point noted by the World chairman

    Worlds Media

    • VR sports have done a great job and the Video and prompt race result and professional photography have given a real lift to the class. Can we do anything more to keep momentum?


    • A general discussion on our equivalent of the Hall of Fame to keep old 14 sailors connected to the class
    • Peter Conway is oldest sailor at 84? sailing int 14 sailor at Lymington . We should make a fuss about him. Write an article ….Action ??

    Next meeting

    • As per the schedule pre-circulated.
    • AGM November at ISC Firecracker Nov 3rd at 5.00


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