Easter Tray at Itchenor

27 Apr Easter Tray at Itchenor

The glorious Bank holiday weekend saw 28 International 14s (including 2 visiting German boats!) battle it out for the coveted Easter Tray at Itchenor Sailing Club.

With so much raw horsepower at hand, winds of between 4 and 10 knots proved to be sufficient enough to generate some considerable excitement during the 3 day, 5 race 2011 season opener.

True to I14 code of best practice, the “social” box was ticked by way of an indulgent superheroes dinner party followed by a late night after party to thank the Germans for their heroic attendance at the event!

Given their previous season’s performance, it was no surprise that Roger Gilbert/Ben McGrane 1541 showed great form throughout. In reality they were only ever beaten across the finish line by Glen Truswell/Chris Blackburn 1543 in race 3 and by Andy Partington/Tom Partington 1540 followed by Truswell/Blackburn in race 5. In between time Sam Pascoe/Alex Knight 1498 pulled together an extremely consistent series of predominantly 3rd places, while local boat and I14 connoisseurs, Douglas Pattison/Mark Tait 1544 also showed flashes of brilliance twice also finishing unchallenged in 2nd place to Gilbert/McGrane.

In the end though Gilbert/McGrane took the overall win, boat speed ensured Truswell/Blackburn second and consistency secured Pascoe/Knight third over Pattison/Tait who finished fourth.


1st – 1541 Roger Gilbert & Ben McGrane – 5 Points

2nd – 1543 Glen Truswell & Chris Blackburn – 8 Points

3rd – 1498 Sam Pascoe & Alex Knight – 13 Points

4th – 1544 Douglas Pattison & Mark Tait – 14 Points

5th – 1484 Tom Heywood & Ed Clay – 19 Points

by Glen Truswell 

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