Fortitude Open 2008

04 Nov Fortitude Open 2008

The first 14 Open of the Itchenor’s 2008 season opened with rain, plenty of breeze and low temperatures. So the 12 crews gathered wisely stayed indoors next to the fire and sipped warming cups of chocolate. Whilst this was being done, the race officers, all 14 sailors themselves, cancelled the racing for the day.

Sunday was a different story. The sun was out, breeze was 10-15 gusts to 18 and it was over 10 degrees.
Racing was on.

The first 3 races were windward/leewards, each about 20 minutes long. On most boats cobwebs and dust were being shaken free whilst at the front end it was the usual suspects, Family Partington were 2 ,1, 1 then it was Pattison and Ash with 1,2,3 , followed by Family Jones 3,4,2.  Messrs Fawcett and Nurton were lurking just out of sight.

The 4th and final race was where it all happened. A strange L-shaped course was signalled, guns went, and we were off. Having been buried the start, and out of it by the first mark, Pattison and Ash noticed the fleet going the wrong way, so managed to get to the first leeward mark ahead, and had a grandstand view of family Partington lassoo the imovable harbour mark with their kite resulting in a rather resounding crash.
It was a procession for the next couple of 2 sail legs and at the start of the 2nd upwind leg, Pattison /Ash leading from Brothers Pascall, who were in front of Fawcett/Nurton. Pattison /Ash relinquished their lead through an awful tack/helm falling out of boat/ tiller extension breaking/capsize manoevre and could only follow along in 3rd.  At the end Fawcett/Nurton sailed through the Brothers Pascall to take the gun.

So even after their crashing out of the last race Andy and Tom Partington were worthy winners, Douglas Pattison and Damian Ash 2nd and James Fawcett and George Nurton 3rd.

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