Fabulous Gallon at Itchenor

04 Nov Fabulous Gallon at Itchenor

Sunday 12th of July dawned with the prospect of sunshine and a pleasant 15-18 Knots of breeze to contest the Gallon Trophy. Hosted by Itcehnor Sailing Club, the Gallon trophy is the second most prestigious event in the International 14 Calendar. With a proposed start time of 12:30 in Hayling Bay, an inspection of conditions across Hayling Bar concluded with a one hour postponement and relocation of racing into Chichester Harbour.
18 boats started cleanly in now 18 gusting 22 knots, within a couple of minutes Martin Jones, after emerging nicely from the start, tacked onto port and unable to take avoiding action was t-boned by Mark Upon-Brown, substantially damaging the rack of Martins boat.

By the windward mark Tom Heywood/ Ed Clay lead comfortably followed by Julian Pearson/ Nick Martin. By the leeward mark both Tom and Julian had over stood having to drop their kites early and “weather round” allowing the Partingtons to sneak into 2nd. The next two laps were tightly contested between Tom/Ed and The Partingtons. Tom/Ed pulling away upwind with the Partington reeling them in downwind.  Both boats were concerned only with each other – but Julian/Nick lurked not too far behind, within striking distance.

Entering the final lap of this epic race, with the breeze now a steady 20 Knots gusting over 25 and sea state building, the Partingtons had no more than a two boat length lead over Tom/Ed. The Partingtons then capsized on a tack allowing them to break free. Upon reaching the windward mark Tom/Ed bore away only to pitch pole, allowing the Partingtons to steal back first place. Julian / Nick then white sail gybed and hoisted the kite pushing hard while the Partingtons played it safe, single wiring. On route to the last mark of the course the Partingtons encountered stubborn harbour traffic and capsized boats forcing them to end up low of the mark – while Julian/ Nick came down the run at full speed. As the Partingtons were re hoisting to make the short leg to the Gallon Line Finish Julian rolled them and stormed on for the win.

Rank Sail No. Club        Helm                    Crew
1st    1463    Weston     Julian Pearson      Nick Martin
2nd   1503    HISC         Andy Partington    Tom Partington
3rd    1484    HISC         Tom Heywood      Ed Clay
4th    1425    Itchenor    Kimball Morrison   Jon Blackburn
5th    1523    Itchenor    Dave Dobrijevik    Rich Dobson
6th    1496    Itchenor    Robin Pascal        Martin Pascal

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