Garda Final Results

24 Oct Garda Final Results

This years Riva Cup is now in the books with Douglas Pattison and Archie Massey taking top honors having sailed their RMW M12 (Alexander) to a string of firsts.

Lake Garda delivered near perfect conditions from Wednesday for the Bastardo through the weekend. Conditions started with 10-14 kts on Thursday steadily increasing each day with the Saturday final being 22kts+. We sailed 8 races in sunshine, with fantastic work by the committee. A new course that moved us around the track a little more kept everyone on their toes.

Team Germany showing they are putting in the time preparing for their World Championships filled the rest of the podium.

The Lake Garda breezes tested the boats, rigs and also the people. Several teams were forced to retire as a result of gear failure, lack of energy or too much time tuning in the Orca Bar the night before. Rudders seemed to be vulnerable on at least 3 boats keeping these teams off the leader board. On Saturday morning before sailing we had a few shaky sailors as well which led to more than one rigging mistake and a couple of early retirements for the day.

Pyper/Smith sailing their B5 had brilliant speed upwind at times, as did Edwards/Vincze using a new Glaser mainsail for the first time on a new Bieker Mk III mast on their B4. Various different hull designs including the M10, M11, B3, B4 & B5 provided close battles throughout the fleet. Several boats were sporting new squarer top mainsails indicating the current focus on developing these rigs further in time for the Europeans and POW.

This was my second opportunity to sail the Riva Cup and Garda did not disappoint. Epic racing conditions, perfect weather, great food and fun made for a great trip to Italy.

1 GBR 1500 Pattison/Massey 7
2 GER 100 Ritsche/Entzminger 25
3 GER 200 Heim/Stock 30
4 GBR 1482 Shelton/White 32
5 GBR 1425 Morrison/Twinn 50
6 CAN 585 Edwards/Vincze 56
7 GBR 1495 Duchesne/Penman 58
8 SUI 27 Gasser/Kaenzig 64
9 SUI 20 Billing/Fisher 74
10 GBR 1512 Simpson/Ovington 76
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