Garda report

17 Jun Garda report

Garda Riva Cup – Day 2

Disappointingly day 2 dawned overcast with a light Northerly wind blowing down the

lake. After a short delay waiting for the 505 fleet to exercise their mandatory black flag

the 14 fleet got away first time and split evenly over the first half of the beat with no

clear gain features. Towards the top it came good for those hugging the Torbole shore

and Douglas and Mark sailing “Pamela” led from Katie and Nigel in “Slippery kite sock”

then Tom and Ed in “We really did win the Bastardo, honest”. True to form the first tight

reach turned into a run benefiting the early gybers from lower down the fleet but Pamela

held on to lead from Roger and Ben in “Seldén” and then the Partingtons in “do you think

my Spreaders are too big?” by the leeward mark.

Pamela extended slightly up the second beat but allowed Seldén to slip past in a series of

gybes before the leeward mark. These positions remained until the finish despite a late

surge by the “ not quite Bastardo boys” who came back through to take 3rd.


The majority of the fleet had learned by Race 3 and set off directly to get acquainted

with the heavily paying right hand shore only to be horrified to see Charlie and Andrea

crossing everyone in their new “stealth” boat from the left hand side. To the fleet’s relief,

Charlie’s lead was fleeting as once again the fleet inverted on the first reach which went

from a run to an un-makeable screaming tight reach with Pamela once again emerging

from the chaos to lead from the Fitz’s. A conservative early gybe by Messrs Fitz left

them becalmed in the middle so by the leeward mark Pamela led from Slippery then



Pamela extended to the finish to win with Katie/Nigel emerging victorious in a close

tussle with Seldén for second. Fourth went to the rapidly closing Fitz and son.


Garda Riva Cup – Day 3


A slightly earlier start and much brighter conditions looked promising for the legendary

Ora breeze but the race officer, keen to catch up on the missed races, quickly got racing

underway in the remaining Northerly. After a tricky first beat the breeze petered out for

the early leaders leaving them completely becalmed near the windward mark as the tail

enders came planning up towards them with their kites filling in the building Southerly.

Somewhat surprisingly for Riva, the Race Officer abandoned and proceeded to quickly

relay the course ready for the Southerly blast the fleet anticipated.


Off the start the fleet groaned as the Fitz’s pulled a perfect port flyer and headed to the

cliffs accompanied by “alright, maybe we didn’t win the Bastardo” and Seldén, but

lighter winds under the cliff meant for a fairly even first beat. The Fitz’s held off the

challenge from behind for 2 laps as the wind continued to die away and the conditions

became overcast. Unfortunately a foolhardy decision to hoist on the final reach (which

was obviously a beat!) cost them their lead allowing Seldén to slip through at the last

minute. This 2nd place was enough to ensure them victory in the coveted father son battle

ahead of “Big Spreaders”, ending up a deserved 3rd overall behind event winners Pamela

who in turn were one point clear of Seldén. The dying breeze prevented any further


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