Classic 14

Classic and Vintage fleets

Many classic and vintage 14s are still active in different parts of the country and there are two well supported ‘classic and vintage’ open meetings at Rickmansworth (NW London) and Blakeney (North Norfolk) for anyone who has an old 14 sitting in a garage waiting the right opportunity


A Vintage boat is classified as a ribbed 14 and generally pre 1950 in construction and a Classic 14 sails to pre 1983 rules which essentially translates into the original lower mast, single trapeze and symmetrical spinnaker. Like their modern sisters there is a wide range of boat designs and equipment variations and they still provide great entertainment but at a very reasonable price


So if you have one of these beautiful old boast tucked away somewhere, dust her off and get her into the water! Open meeting dates are included on the calendar and please contact