Hollom 1

23 Apr Hollom 1

Designer – David Hollom

Designed – 2009

Results – None yet

Builder – Composite Craft

Designers comments – (From Daily Sail article) The boat has a deck from a B5 mould but the new hull shape represents an entirely different approach, with a V-section in the middle of the boat tapering out aft and morphing into a U-section at the bow, with the aim of achieving a higher prismatic co-efficient and less wetted surface area.

“The U-section enables you to get a higher prismatic without making the bow too bluff – you’ re putting volume into the ends,” explains Hollom, for whom this is his first 14 design. “If you read William Proud’s famous experiments he reckoned the place to put displacement was low down in the bow away from the water surface and high up near the water surface at the stern – hence your typical powerboat hull with a deep forefoot and a very flat stern.” He says he has tried it successfully in the past on model yachts – one of his specialities.

Composite Craft’s Bob Preston enlightens us some more: “The theory behind it [the U-section bow] is that you are getting a lot of lift on your rudder T-foil that’s pushing the bow down, so you are riding on the bow a lot more. The V-section at the daggerboard area is to reduce the wetted surface area and so when it heels over it picks up stability. So stability at rest is less, but as it develops lift it picks up stability.”

Like other contemporary 14 hulls, the Hollom design is “spot on” the International 14 rule’s rise of floor measurement point half way along the hull and this is where the chine ends.

Comments – A brand new design being sailed by Glen Truswell and Chris Blackburn – It will be very interesting to see how it goes….


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