International 14 and combi-trailer for sale

For Sale

International 14 and combi-trailer for sale

For sale is my all-carbon, twin trapeze, International 14 (sail no 1396, built by Morrison in 1997) plus combi-trailer (launch trolley and road trailer for sale. This includes two sets of sails (main and jib), and a symmetric spinnaker (with pole).

I bought this boat about a year ago, and have sailed it a few times (see above), but it is far too quick and technical for me to sail single-handed. As well as having a tall flexible mast with a lot of sail area, it has a long carbon bowsprit with an enormous spinnaker, and a rake-able rudder with small horizontal tail fins to increase the apparent length of the boat . . . .

So I bought myself a simple slow boat to use in the handicap races on Alton Water, and the I14 is now just taking up space in the boatyard.

If you are interested, you are welcome to take it out for a test sail, or I can sail it with you if you are single-handed, but you WILL get wet!

price: £999

Contact Name: Thomas Yeung

Phone: 7500531057

Location: Alton Water, Suffolk

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