Pickled Egg For sale

For Sale

Pickled Egg For sale

Ovington built, finished by Simon Maguire and Alan Roberts, Designed by Phil Morrison.

Very stiff boat, water tight. Additional stiffening and structure added on before deck was bonded in place as well as taping that has ensured water tightness
Removable foredeck for access to systems
Removable central kick bar with take ups inside
Easily changeable Dagger board cassette
Access to inside of racks for take up dead ends
Underdeck kite shoot
Removable rudder gantry for experimentation of moving rudder forward under hull
On weight
Stored in garage for its whole life and well maintained.
Rig -Ctec put together by Insynses additional stiffening added
Roping all and systems all in good condition
Easily Adjustable rig from the wire ; Forestay, Shrouds, Lowers, Caps shrouds & kicker and Cunningham
Adjustable jib Hight controls
1 Hyde square top main sail – good racing condition
1 hyde Square top main – good for training and club racing
1 Hyde Jib – Good condition
1 P&B Kite
Ovington foils
Rudder on twisty grip with rotating wings
Carbon tiller extensions
Under & over covers. Padded foil bags.
Combi trailer with 10” wheels

This is a Pickled Egg, Phil Morrison design, Ovington built, custom finished
by Simon Maguire and Alan Roberts

Designers comments – The Pickled Egg is close to the Mk 12, but as the 12
was a “hands-on” adaptation of the Mk10/11(the 11 being merely a rig
adjustment to the 10) I have gone back to the lines of the 10 for the basis
of this design and fined it away to the new Rise of Floor rule (without any
tricks) The net effect is very similar to the 12 but with a little more fullness
in the sections under the mast and a slight straightening in the run aft. Thus
is intended to improve the downwind speed yet maintain the
upwind performance of the 12. From the RoF measurement point aft the
hull will be noticeably more “parallel” terminating in a slightly wider
transom. This will make for a reduced sensitivity to trim and help
with handling, all of which should have benefits for down wind
performance. The rig remains much the same with the mast moved aft just
5cm to allow for larger jibs if desired. The dagger board is moved slightly
aft to compensate.

Pickled Egg results

The Pickled Egg has proved consistently quick , winning several POW’s
(including 2017)and the Worlds, A good all round design but particularly
quick in choppy , breezy conditions due to its easy handling characteristics.

price: £8000

Contact Name: Alan Roberts

Location: South of Winchester

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