Weymouth Regatta – countdown to the Worlds begins

05 Jul Weymouth Regatta – countdown to the Worlds begins

Weymouth is hosting the i14 World Championships in September, it’ll be the first time the UK fleet has run the event for 10 years, we therefore were very pleased to be invited to the Henri Lloyd Weymouth Regatta by Castle Cove Sailing Club, to get a much needed opportunity to practice in at the regatta venue. A comprehensive turnout of 14’s was very warmly welcomed by the Sun which shone all weekend and by Castle Cove Sailing Club, who’s members who made a fantastic effort, which ensured everyone thoroughly enjoyed the event.

Racing was held in Weymouth bay, for Saturday the program was for 3 races which were held in light southerly breeze, 4 to 6 knots, giving the closest racing the fleet has seen for some time; a different winner each race.

Katie Nurton and Nigel Ash lead the first race from start to finish, chased by Glen Trusswell and Chris Blackburn, race 2 saw the top spots reversing with Glen and Chris pulling out the largest lead of the regatta. Race 3 saw Harvey Hillary and Damien Ash battling with Andy Fitzgerald and James Hughes, made increasing tense as the wind became lighter and more patchy, in the end Andy was thrilled to have triumphed over his old crew to take the win. At the end of the day’s racing Glen and Chris a point ahead of Katie and Nigel, with Sam Pascoe and Alex Knight, putting in a quietly consistent performance to be just a point further back.

Back ashore the pasta meal laid on by Castle Cove was much appreciated after spending over 6 hours afloat, providing the necessary energy to move onto the evenings entertainments ably hosted by Weymouth Sailing club. Never wanting to be outdone the 14er’s participation in the pub games was hard fought winning the boat race, tug of war, stilt walking and walking the plank, which set the evening off in the right direction.

Despite very similar conditions Day 2 saw 3 new race winners. Race 4 saw the battle between Roger Gilbert and Ben McGrane and Douglas Pattison and Mark Tait confirmed only after Roger and Ben found they’d been adjudged to be OCS at the start. Race 5 followed a similar format to it’s predecessor, only Roger and Ben weren’t about to repeat the same mistake and lead from start.

Race 6 Sam and Alex, fed up of posting a string of 3’s squeezed ahead of Douglas and Mark on the first beat to lead for the rest of the race.

So overall local boys Sam and Alex convincingly win the event, A surprised Douglas and Mark followed in Second a point ahead of Andy and James, who were a point ahead of Katie and Nigel who beat Glen and Chris on count back.

For all you gear geeks out there, in the top 6 there were 5 different hull designs, with 1st and 6th perhaps incorrectly being considered a previous generation generation design, once again showing sailing properly is the most important factor to win in this class.

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