07 Oct Nab Tower Race 2009

Saturday 29th Feb, 7 I14s gathered for the their annual Nab tower race.

Weather conditions looked ideal; a bright sunny morning and 10 knots SW. So would this be the first race in 4 years that the class reached the fabled fort?

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30 Sep Walker Trophy 19-20 Sept

The only similarity between the last 14 Race of PoW Week and the Walker trophy was the sunshine; The flat water made it easier but the absence of wind and spring tides made sailing rather more frustrating. Having the fleet split between Hayling and Ichenor usually poses no logistical issue, however Saturday's morning start was somewhat different, A call from PRO Roddy Bridge to the clubs indicated that there would be wind on the racecourse. Everyone duly launched, the Ichenor contingent's attempt was defeated by the flooding tide, whereas it was a much easier trip from Hayling, The result was a long wait  or lunch at the club.

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