Opening Ceremony underway in Warnemunde

04 Nov Opening Ceremony underway in Warnemunde

Following the team championships, the individual worlds are just getting underway.  The entry list shows 89 boats from 11 countries – GBR, GER, AUT, POL, SUI, AUS, USA, CAN, JPN, DEN, FRA.  Registration and measurement yesterday and practise race today.

With great optimism, boats launched from the beach into <6kts of breeze!  Those with the patience to make it to the start were given a gentle one lap race, before abandonment and a return to the shore.  First three to the windward mark were Archie Massey, Lindsay Irwin, then Andy Penman.

Most have made it to the beer & wine opening ceremony in the event hall.  A few are putting finishing touches to the boats..

We look forward to two new boats from the UK, which have just hit the water – an Ovington/Morrison design sailed by Chris Turner/Adam Ovington and the POW winning Richard Woof boat sailed by Alister Richardson.  From France, a new design from Ludo’s workshop is currently being polished on the shores of Warnemunde..

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