Pacific Rim 2008

04 Nov Pacific Rim 2008

The fifth PAC RIM Championships run over 4 days with an unsurpassed reputation of trade winds, sunshine, hula and cocktails into the night.  After the first 3 days, there are series winners from the Open, Silver, Ladies and Master’s divisions.  The final, 4th day is a long distance race for the Hawaii State Title, with handicaps awarded based on a boat’s finishing place in the series.

Day one
The first day of racing at the 2008 PAC RIM was run in light to moderate breeze from the north and northeast. Ron Boehm and World President Pete Mohler in some very stylish high white socks had good speed all day. They had two firsts and after a bad first leg on last race they recovered to place fourth. They are leading the series that has no throw outs with 6 points. Kris Bundy and Fritz Lanzinger also were consistent in the shifty breezes and are in second place with 8 points. Another Seattle boat sailed by Dalton Bergen and Chris Lanzing are in third place with twelve points. They came back in the second race from way back to finish fourth. Brad Ruetenik and Patrick Murray from southern California are in fourth place overall after making an amazing recovery from a spectacular capsize/collision in the second race with Ian Arber and Brian Keefe. Canadians Hans Fisher and Greg Leffree sailing in their first major 14 regatta rounded the weather mark in the first race 22 place and sailed the right side of the course to finish third at the end of the race—Well done.

In race three Lawrence Henderson and Kurt Schmidt sailed left and picked up a great shift to round the weather mark with a big lead.

Local boys Harold Von Sydow and Brad Cole were second and Lip Curler and Joe Bursch were third. The race had a downwind finish and Henderson and Schidt faded to 6th place leaving them in 7th place overall. Von Sydow and Cole finished finished 10th placing them in 8th place place for the day, and Curler and Bursch finished in 5th place leaving them in a solid fifth place after the first days racing.

Day two
The classic Pacific Trade winds came in early in the morning and stayed steady all day at 12-14 kts. Fifteen Junior sailors showed up at the club at 9:30AM to get rigging and sailing rides from the fleet.

Eight 14ers took the young future 14ers out for terrific rides in a steady morning breeze of 10kts. Races 4-6 were sailed in flawless conditions. In the first race Brad Ruetenik and Patrick Murray sailed away from the fleet. They had good speed up and down the course.

Dalton Bergan and Chris Lanzing were second and Joe Burcsh and Herb Cole were third.

In race five Chris Bundy and Fritz Lanzinger sailed fast off the line and won the race going away. There were followed by Dalton Bergan and Chris Lanzing who were second again. Bursch and Cole were third and Ron Boehm and Pete Mohler were fourth. The wind picked up for race three and Ruetenik and Murray won again with Bundy second and Bergan third. At the end of the day Chris Bundy and Fritz Lanzinger had a three point lead.

Day three
The Trade winds built during the evening and provided a glorious finally day of racing. The winds were a steady 15-18 kts. Steve Goodson and Alan Diercks were very fast in the heavier breeze and won race seven convincingly after catching up to Kurt Laar and David Rasmussen who rounded the weather mark in first place. Joe Bursch was second and Dalton Bergan was third. Bundy and Lanzinger were fifth which made the last race the deciding race of the eight race series that had no throw-out races. Race eight was sailed in the strongest breeze of the series and Bundy and Lanzinger sailed away from the fleet at the start. By the end of the race they were a full leg ahead.

The finish was downwind after 4 windward leeward legs. Joe Bursch and Herb Cole had a spectacular capsize downwind while they were in a strong second place position. They recovered to finish third with Bergan and Lanzing finishing second. The Seattle fleet dominated the series with great boat speed, strong tactics and good starts. The final standings for the top ten boats;

1. Bundy/Lanzinger USA 1163 21pts Seattle B5
2. Bergan/Lanzing USA 1157 24pts Seattle Morrison
3. Burcsh/Cole USA 1162 32pts Seattle B5
4. Ruetenik/Murray USA 1161 35pts San Diego B5
5. Goodson/Diercks USA 1159 43pts Seattle B5
6. Boehm/Mohler USA 1177 47pts Santa Barbara B5
7. Twardowski/Mitchell USA 1167 74pts San Francisco B2
8. Leigh/Searle CAN 595 78pts Toronto B5
9. Von Stdow/Cole USA 1153 82pts Hawaii B3
10.Henderson/Schmidt USA 1111 82pts San Francisco B2

The awards banquet was held that night with over a hundred people in attendance. Alan Laflin and Eric Arens were recognized with a standing ovation for finishing all the races and being a combined age of 137 years old. Ray Hancock from Perth, Australia won the Masters trophy sailing with local sailor Richard Argel. Tom Pochereva and Shelley James won the silver fleet division just beating out Steve Shumaker and Chris Johnson by one point. Shelley James won the women’s division trophy just beating out Gerry Lampert and Phil Strong who flew in from Black Rock, Australia to compete. There was no doubt that the four boat Canadian contingent “won the party” even if the Seattle boys won the races! The fire dancers entertained the 14ers and their famlies with a great display of eating fire and dancing about in funny costumes!! The bar closed late. Sean Trew and Matt Darnell the Rear Commodore of Kaneohe YC took great videos of the event which were played after each days racing and at the banquet. The hope is to have a DVD made by the time of the Worlds’ in Germany.

The Hawaii State Championship Race:  (Day four )
The wind was up again for the Hawaii State Championship. This race is a long distance pursuit race based on the finishing order from the previous three days of sailing. Chris Bundy, the regatta winner gave the last place boat a 23 minute head start. Twenty-two other boats started in between them. Kurt Laar and David Rasmussen won the race with a huge lead at the end from second place finishers Steve Goodson and Alan Diercks. Lawrence Henderson and Kurt Schmidt were third and Canadians Matt Lusty and Dave Bradley were fourth. Bundy and Lanzinger won the fastest elapsed time award and finished fifth overall in the race. The boats were packed in the containers that afternoon and most of the sailors had plans to visit other parts of the Hawaiian Islands.

Many thanks to the Global Sports Alliance, which promotes clean air and clean water through sporting events, Horizon Lines for again sponsoring the containers, and West marine for sponsoring the trophies. This regatta would not happen without their support.

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