Pickled Egg

20 Apr Pickled Egg

Designer – Phil Morrison

Designed – 2008

Results – 1st PoW race and week 2009, 2nd Worlds 2010 (Roger Gilbert and Ben McGrane)

3rd PoW race 2009, 6th Worlds 2010 (Andy and Tom Partington)

Builder – Ovington boats (finished by various)

Designers comments – The Pickled Egg is close to the Mk 12, but as the 12 was a “hands-on” adaptation of the Mk10/11(the  11 being merely a rig adjustment to the 10) I have gone back to the lines of the 10 for the basis of this design and fined it away to the new Rise of Floor rule (without any tricks) The net effect is very similar to the 12 but with a little more fullness in the sections under the mast and a slight straightening in the run aft. Thus is intended to improve the downwind speed yet maintain the upwind performance of the 12. From the RoF measurement point aft the hull will be noticeably more “parallel” terminating in a slightly wider transom. This will make for a reduced sensitivity to trim and help with handling, all of which should have benefits for down wind performance. The rig remains much the same with the mast moved aft just 5cm to allow for larger jibs if desired. The dagger board is moved slightly aft to compensate.

Comments – The latest design from Phil Morrison, fuller in the bow than the B5 it has proved quick both in the UK and at recent worlds. Arguably the easiest new 14 to get ‘off the shelf’ at the moment as Ovington boats are building kits to order.

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