POW 2017 SIs

01 Oct POW 2017 SIs

Organizing Authority: Rock Sailing and Water Ski Club
in conjunction with the GBR International 14 Class Association

1 Rules
All race will be governed by The Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-2020 the prescriptions of the RYA and the rules of the International 14 class association, except where these are changed by these sailing instructions
2 Communications with competitors
2.1 There will be a briefing for competitors on 27th August at 1730.
2.2 Notices to competitors will be posted on the black board, outside the sailing club, near the downstairs entrance.
2.3 Signals made ashore will be displayed from the flag masts on the seaward side of the club.
2.4 Flag D displayed ashore with a sound means: ‘The warning signal will be made not less than 60 minutes after flag D is displayed (30 minutes if racing within the Estuary). Boats shall not launch until this signal is made.
2.5 Any change to the schedule of races will be posted by 2000 on the day before it will take effect and any change to the sailing instructions will be posted at least 30 minutes before flag D is displayed (instruction 2d) on the day it will take effect.
2.6 The class flags will be:
Class: Flag:
International 14 M
Classics 14 O

3 Schedule of races
The race schedule is as follows:
Date: Start time Event:
Friday 28th Aug
29th Aug
30th Aug
31st Aug
1st Sept 11:00
12:00 1 race for Island Commemorative Trophy
Up to 3 race mini-series for Weymouth Town Trophy
1 race for Prince of Wales Cup
2 races for Llandudno Trophy
2 races for the Lowestoft bowl and the Hunstanton plate

3.1 The schedule, including times of warning signals, is subject to amendment to take advantage of prevailing conditions. Changes will be made in accordance with instruction 2.5.
3.2 To alert boats that a race or sequence of races will begin soon, the orange starting line flag will be displayed with one sound signal at least two minutes before a warning signal is made.
3.3 On the last day of the regatta no warning signal will be made after 1600.

4 Racing areas
4.1 Attachment A shows the location of racing areas, racing may also take place within the Camel Estuary.
4.2 The area to be used will be posted each day on the official notice board before the competitor briefing .
4.3 Danger Area: The entrance to the Camel Estuary is made difficult by the Doom Bar please see Attachment B regarding safe passage issued by Padstow Harbour. The flow of tide between the sailing club and the preferred channel can be very fast moving especially on a Spring ebb tide. Extra caution to get out of the estuary should be made especially if going out at low water as breaking waves can occur on the Doom Bar, if there is a big swell at sea then Doom Bar can be especially rough to cross at any state of tide. When heading out to sea obey the lateral marks when you pass the last port marker best way across the bar is to try and keep between due North and 020 degrees to get across the bar. If racing within the estuary some of the sand banks are about 5m high on the Padstow side so special care should be made when laying marks.

5 Courses
5.1 The diagrams in Attachment C show the courses, the course designations, the approximate angles between legs, the order in which marks are to be passed, and the side on which each mark is to be left.
5.2 The gate 3s / 3p may be replaced by a single mark to be left to port.
5.3 Classic boats may be set shorter courses than modern boats.
5.4 No later than the warning signal, the race committee boat will display the course designation and the approximate compass bearing of the first leg.
5.5 To change the next leg of the course, the race committee will move the original mark (or finishing line) to a new position, or lay a new mark and remove the original mark as soon as practicable.
5.6 POW Cup Course: for this race the course will be course T6 (T4 for classic boats) as shown in attachment C.

6 Marks
6.1 Marks shall be tall orange cylinders.
6.2 New marks, as provided in instruction 5.5, will be a cylindrical yellow mark.
6.3 Starting marks will be a race committee boat at the starboard end and a boat or a red buoy with a yellow flag at the port end.
6.4 Finishing marks will be a race committee boat at the starboard end and a boat or buoy with a blue flag at the port end.

7 The Start
7.1 The starting line will be between staffs displaying orange flag at committee boat end and yellow flag at the buoy or boat end.

8 The Finish
8.1 The finishing line will be between a staff displaying a blue flag at the committee boat end (starboard) and a staff with a blue flag at the other end.

9 Penalty system
Rule 44.1 is changed so that the two turns penalty is replaced by the one turn penalty.

10 Time limits and target times
10.1 The time limit and target time for the lead boat in minutes is as follows:

Race day No of Races Time limit
(Minutes) Target time (Minutes) Extension time (Minutes)
1 1 120 80 30
2 3 50 35 10
POW Race 1 360 150 60
4 2 80 60 15
5 2 80 60 15

Failure to meet the target time will not be grounds for redress. This changes rule 62.1(a).

10.2 Boats failing to finish within the extension time after the first boat sails the course and finishes will be scored according to their observed positions on the course, which may be the position at the last mark rounded. This changes rules 35, A4 and A5.

11 Protests and requests for redress
11.1 The protest time limit is 60 minutes of the committee boat mooring. Protest forms are available from the Club Manager at the Bar of the Club. If an Arbitration or Advisory Hearing is requested the protest time limit will be extended to 30 minutes after the Arbitration or Advisory hearing has finished.
11.2 A boat that may have broken a Rule of Part 2, Rule 31 or Rule 42 may after finishing the race concerned and before the start of a related protest hearing, notify the Race Officer or Chairman of the Protest Committee that a 20% scoring penalty as stated in Rule 44.3(c), (except that the minimum penalty is two places if that does not result in a score worse than DNF).
11.3 Protests will be heard in the Clubhouse in approximate order of receipt, as soon as possible.

12 Scoring
12.1 One race is required to be completed to constitute a series.
12.2 For the 3 race mini series a boat’s series score will be the total of her race scores with no excluded score.
12.3 For the points trophy for the week a boat’s series score will be the total of all individual trophy race scores except the Prince of Wales Cup. The boat’s series rank in the mini-series will count as a two races. The average of the 3 races divided by 2.
12.4 A boat starting later than 10 minutes after her starting signal will be scored Did not Start. This changes rules A4 and A5.
12.5 Following the posting of the results for that day’s race on the Notice Board in the Bar of the Clubhouse competitors who consider their results have not been recorded correctly can initially advise the Race Officer by completing a form similar to that at attachment D available from the Club Manager at the Bar of the Clubhouse. Any such request must be returned to the Club Manager no later than 21/2 hours prior to the next day’s racing. After the final race of the regatta the time limit is 3 hours before the official Prize Giving.

13 Safety
13.1 Competitors are required to sign off on the Signing Off Board in the Crew Room within 60 minutes of the final mooring of the Committee Boat or the Race Officer coming ashore whichever is the sooner unless instructed otherwise by the Race Officer.
13.2 If more than one race is sailed (back to back races) then competitors are to sign off for both races within 60 minutes of the final mooring of the Committee Boat or the Race Officer coming ashore whichever is the sooner.
13.3 A boat that retires from a race shall notify the Race Officer or a patrol boat as soon as possible.
13.4 All competitors shall comply with Rule 1.2 the wearing of personal buoyancy at all times. Neither a wet suit nor dry suit constitutes adequate buoyancy. Competitors who attempt to race without personal buoyancy will automatically be disqualified without a hearing.
13.5 Any competitor not signing off as specified in 13.1 will be asked to make a £10 donation to the RNIL prior to the next sailing.
13.6 When sailing to or from the shore, to or from the Race Area there can be strong hazardous tides in the mooring areas as well as boats leaving or picking up moorings. For both sailing and power craft there is an 8-knot speed limit through the mooring areas.
13.7 Policing & Penalties: Padstow Harbour Commission (PHC) operates a patrol boat “Stepper Point” to oversee overall user safety on the Estuary and in the Port. Both the PHC and Club Patrol Boats may when necessary escort powered or sailing craft through the race area and all competitors must keep well clear.

Competitors not complying with the instructions of the PHC or Club patrol boats or to be blatantly risking collision with other water users – or causing complaints by them – are liable to a “Competitor Misconduct” penalty up to disqualification from a race or the regatta.

14 Replacement of crew or equipment
14.1 Substitution of competitors will not be allowed without prior written approval of the race committee.
14.2 Substitution of Equipment will be allowed as each race constitutes a trophy. All equipment that a competitor wishes to use during the week must be declared at measurement & registration.
14.3 Substitution of damaged or lost equipment not declared at registration will be allowed following approved by the race committee. Requests for substitution shall be made to the committee at the first reasonable opportunity.

15 Equipment and measurement checks
15.1 A boat or equipment may be inspected at any time for compliance with the class rules and sailing instructions. On the water, a boat can be instructed by a race committee equipment inspector or measurer to proceed immediately to a designated area for inspection.

16 Support boats
16.1 Team leaders, coaches and other support personnel shall stay outside areas where boats are racing from the time of the preparatory signal for the first class to start until all boats have finished or retired or the race committee signals a postponement, general recall or abandonment.

17 Radio communication
17.1 Except in an emergency, a boat shall neither make nor receive radio transmissions, text messages or cellular phone calls while racing.

18 Disclaimer of liability
18.1 The safety of a boat and her entire management including insurance shall be the sole responsibility of the owner or person in charge who must ensure that the boat and crew are adequate to face the conditions that may arise in the course of the race. Neither these Sailing Instructions nor any inspection of the boat limits or reduces the absolute responsibility of the owner or person in charge for the crew, the boat and her management. The race organisers shall not be responsible for any loss, damage, death or personal injury howsoever caused to the owner or person in charge or crew as a result of their taking part in the race or races. Moreover, every owner or person in charge warrants the suitability of the boat for the race or races.
19 Insurance
19.1 The boat is required to hold adequate insurance and in particular hold insurance against a third party claim up to at least £3,000,000.

Attachment A


Attachment C

Signal: Mark rounding order:
T 2 Start – 1 – 1a – 3 – 1 – 2 – 3 – Finish
T 3 Start – 1 – 1a – 3 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 1 – 3 – Finish
T 4 Start – 1 – 1a – 3 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 1 – 3 – 1 – 2 – 3 – Finish
T 5 Start – 1 – 1a – 3 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 1 – 3 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 1 – 3 – Finish
T 6 Start – 1 – 1a – 3 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 1 – 3 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 1 – 3 – 1 – 2 – 3 – Finish


Signal: Mark rounding order:
L 2 Start – 1 – 1a – 3s/3p – 1 – 3p – Finish
L3 Start – 1 – 1a – 3s/3p – 1 – 3s/3p – 1 – 3p – Finish
L4 Start – 1 – 1a – 3s/3p – 1 – 3s/3p – 1 – 3s/3p – 1 – 3p – Finish

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