POW Friday

21 Nov POW Friday


Photos: Andrew Penman

The last day of the 2009 POW week saw the 14 fleet launch itself into the biggest waves and strongest breeze of the week. Leading from the start  Alister Richardson and Dan Johnson sailed an impressively steady race in testing conditions. Round the first mark the front of the fleet was tightly packed but the first run saw Roger Gilbert fall in on the hoist and Tom Heyward pitch pole in the steep seas leaving Andy & Tom Partington in second place closely followed by Martin & Neale Jones. In challenging conditions the racing was close to the end, Alister and Dan crossing the line some 30 seconds clear, meanwhile an epic battle between the two father and son teams ensued down the last reach to the finish with Martin and Neale taking second place by half a boat length from Andy and Tom. 

Race 8

1 Alister Richardson & Dan Johnson

2 Martin & Neale Jones

3 Andy & Tom Partington

4 Tom Heywood & Ed Clay

5 Charles Duchesne & Will Broome

6 Douglas Pattison & Mark Tait

Final Overall

1 Roger Gilbert & Ben McGrane

2 Tom Heywood & Ed Clay

3 Alister Richardson & Dan Johnson

4 Andy & Tom Partington

5 Douglas Pattison & Mark Tait

6 Mark Upton Brown & Phil Kennard

7 Martin & Neale Jones

8 Charles Duchesne & Will Broome

9 Paul Ravenhill & Doug Walker

10 Andy Fitzgerald & Harvey Hillary

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