POW Thursday

04 Nov POW Thursday

Prince of Wales Cup Week, 10th September 2009 Falmouth.  Race 5

The Northerly breeze of POW day had swung overnight to the east and built to a steady 15kts gusting up to 18 bringing large steep waves to Falmouth bay for race 5 of the POW points series.  Clear blue skies and BIG sailing conditions greeted the competitors as they arrived at the committee boat. With 2 races still to sail it the championship could still go 5 ways with Gilbert/McGrane, Clay/Heywood, Partington & son, Richardson/Johnson and Upton Brown all able to lay claim to the series.

Coming of the start it was quickly clear that ROb Greenhalgh and the Partingtons had the boat speed in the huge waves up to the weather mark leading convincingly however by lap two the wind started to drop and swing about creating changes for the chasing pack.  Roger Gilbert and Martin Jones showed that the ability to pick out a good beat is just as relevent in the 14 as any other class by closing down and passing Greenhalgh and Partington up the beat to take first second respectively at the start of the first triangle.  With the wind now at about 12kts the gybe mark had to be reached with a series of gybes so downwind tactics rather than brute force came to the fore.

Clay and Heyward continued to show that an older boat is no disadvantage being very much part of the hunt for the lead but ultimately having to settle for 5th.  Further back down the fleet the grudge match between Pattison and Richardson continued with Pattison again edging through to take 7th place with Richardson in 8th.

At the end of the race Roger Gilbert continued to show his form and took the win with Jones/Jones hot on their heels.  This win  gives Gilbert/McGrane enough of a margin to claim the week however second place is very much for the taking with Clay/Heyward, the Partingtons and Richardson/Johnson in contention with 5 points between them.


Series Race 5

1 Gilbert/McGrane

2 Jones/Jone

3 Greenhalgh/Marks

4 Partington/Partington

5 Heywood/Clay

6 Upton Brown/Kennard


Overall after discard

1 Gilbert/McGrane 8

2 Clay/Heywood 16

3 Partington/Partington 18

4 Richardson/Johnson 20

5 Upton Brown/Kennard 24

6 Pattison/Tait 26

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