RBYC Trophy

24 Oct RBYC Trophy

A two race series both held in the Bay. The initial easterly wind veered south as ISC based boats launched making the sail to the start a windward leg. A light wind area off HISC slowed a number of boats and a couple missed the delayed start, whereas HISC launched boats had half the distance to travel and managed to arrive on time. The sea breeze blew 15 knots with some sea making conditions different but equally as tricky as for Hoptons 3 and 4 the previous day in 20 gusting 23 knots.

The start line was quite short and port biased which was the cause for a few swims, Douglas and Damian included. Mike Lennon and Mikey lead at the windward mark with good pace upwind but on the second beat their mast broke just above the gooseneck. No amount of boat work would appear to be sufficient to prevent that one! James Fawcett and George Nurton assumed the lead and capsized on the first reach of lap 2. There was a close race between the family’s Jones, Martin and Neale, and the Partington’s, Andy and Tom, with Mark Upton-Brown and Martin Gotrel. All three boats were overlapped at the downwind finish, providing some excitement for the race team, on what was otherwise a fairly rough anchorage point. Ian’s Pinnell and Mitchell battled with the Jamie Skelton and Graham Little visiting from Restronguet for 4th place.

For race 2 the start line was equally biased, James and George started cleanly on port and sailed away to a first place. Martin and Neale sailed a sound race for second place giving them a comfortable win overall with 3 points. Three boats finished with 8 points, the order being split by count back giving James and George second, Mark and Martin third and Andy and Tom fourth place.

Thanks to the PRO of Richard Thompson and to Carol Thompson, Jim Hartley, Caroline Gosford and the rescue teams from ISC that were also kept busy. 

1 GBR 1497 Martin Jones / Neale Jones HISC Bieker 4
2 GBR1524 James Fawcett / George Nurton HISC Bieker 5
3 GBR 1526 Mark Upton-Brown / Martin Gotrell ISC RMW12
4 GBR 1503 Andy Partington / Tom Partington HISC RMW12
5 GBR1500 Douglas Pattison / Damian Ash ISC RMW12
6 GBR 1517 Ian Pinnell / Ian Mitchell HISC Bieker 5

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