Register your boat

Before you can race your boat as an International 14, it must be registered and have a valid Measurement Certificate issued in your name. For more information, contact the 14 SECRETARIAT at


  1. The Owner or Builder applies to 14 SECRETARIAT for a Sail Number and encloses a fee of £100
  2. 14 SECRETARIAT sends the applicant the Sail Number allocation, Measurement Form (green), Measurement Certificate (white), list of International 14 Class Measurers, envelope for return of forms, Association Membership Form & direct debit mandate
  3. The Owner arranges for the boat to be measured. The Measurer completes the Measurement Form and fill in the relevant parts of the Measurement Certificate. The Owner completes the Association Membership Form and direct debit mandate and returns all documents to 14 SECRETARIAT
  4. 14 SECRETARIAT authenticates the Measurement Certificate and returns it to the Owner together with a copy of the Measurement Form. The original Measurement Form (pink) is kept by 14 SECRETARIAT


  1. The new Owner sends the existing Measurement Certificate to 14 SECRETARIAT together with a fee of £15. Payment can be made by cheque (made payable to International 14 Association) or by credit card, via PayPal (please email for instructions)
  2. 14 SECRETARIAT registers the boat in the new Owner’s name, changes the name of the Owner on the Measurement Certificate and authenticates the change. If necessary a replacement Certificate is issued but the original Certificate is also be returned to the Owner


If available, an authenticated copy of the Measurement Form should be sent to 14 SECRETARIAT. 14 SECRETARIAT will then issue a replacement Measurement Certificate. If the boat was first registered after 1 June 1992, 14 SECRETARIAT will hold the necessary information to enable a replacement Measurement Certificate to be issued. For boats registered before 1 June 1992, 14 SECRETARIAT have the records previously held by the RYA, but these do not cover all boats. If the records are held a replacement Certificate can be issued. The fee for all replacement certificates is £15.