Team Worlds Underway

04 Nov Team Worlds Underway

7 teams from GER, JPN, USA and GBR are competing for the traditional World 14 Team Racing Title in Warnemunde, Germany.  The 4-boat team racing is always a spectacle with close boat-boat racing, often with limited visibility.  Arguably the most exciting team racing you’ll ever do…

Brits have two teams – GBR and UK, two evenly matched entries each with a squad of 5.

Dicken MacClean and Sam Littlejohn
Archie Massey and Matt Nolan
Katie Nurton and Nigel Ash
Charlie Duchesne and Henry Maxfield
Tom Smedley and Tom Heywood

Neale Jones and Alan Roberts
Andy and Tom Partington
Douglas Pattison and Damian Ash
Julian Pearson and Nick Martin
James Fawcett and George Nurton

Racing is a round robin over 2 days; 3 races today and 3 tomorrow.
So far GBR are unbeaten, with USA and GER 1 to race tomorrow.
UK have taken 2 wins and 1 loss, to GER 1, with USA and GER 2 to race tomorrow.

Of course, then there’ll be the grunge match… GBR vs UK

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