UK International 14 Committee: Sat 7th October 2017

16 Oct UK International 14 Committee: Sat 7th October 2017

UK International 14 Committee: Sat 7th October 2017 after racing at ISC
Attending: Andy Fitz, Andy Penman, Luke Boughton, Rich Dobson, Harvey Hillary, Dan Holman, Caroline Gosford
Apologies: Mark Tait, Ed Fitz, Hugh Maclean
1. Minutes of previous Committee meeting: 21 Sept 2017 Approved and on website

2. Treasurer’s report – Andrew
2.1 2017 fees collection update and process to complete Year end 30 Sept, Andrew to complete reconciliation and send list of non-payers to Caroline to chase up. Create budget for 2018, all within 3 weeks. Report back on pros and cons of payment methods bank account v PayPal – Andrew
2.2 Process required to increase Boat Owner fee e.g. Standing Orders etc Amend Membership Form asap to add voting rights – Caroline. For next year, change 2017 to 2018, Older Boat to registered after 1st Jan 2006, current boat owner from £50 to £100, remove Life Membership – Caroline

3. Association Membership Review – Caroline to report back before Christmas. Current Member lists obtained, not analysed Caroline. Process to amend membership categories is to amend Constitution via AGM. Aim for active members to use a fully integrated membership, payment and entry online platform, possibly aligned with Club to Class? Existing platform has capability. Aim to be live for 1st January if possible.
3.1 Discuss discounting 1st POW entry for new owners agreed £50 discount – All – this needs to be in welcome pack – Caroline, Ensure this is on website with Membership fees once agreed – Rich
3.2 Discuss how and when enforce Membership requirement
3.3 Strawberry Marketing role, process including buy/sell boats, comms and fee – need payment reminders!
3.4 Member category analysis including churn
3.5 Membership contact list for regular e-mailings and membership chasing
3.6 New Member Welcome Pack and process
3.7 What do you get for your membership? Need to look at this for all Members, new, active and inactive.
3.8 Recommendations for change

4 UK Sailing Calendar 2018 – Harvey
4.1 POW venue and date decision. Agreed 10 -13th May at Exe (Th, Fr, Sa, Sun). Harvey reported hosting cost including sailing, prizes, replicas, pasta and beer £4k for 25 boats = £160, aim to keep total cost under £200. Possible local sponsorship for socials, looking at BBQ and POW Dinner. Need at least 1 social included in entry. Agreed late entry at 1 month before, extra £50. Need to look at rescue boat ratio, meet club early Nov – Harvey & Andy Penman. Send Weymouth Worlds budget and SLA for info – Caroline. Create a sales sheet for the event – Harvey. Get date on website asap – Rich. Research Dinner venues – Luke Discussed measuring, need input from Mark but suggest only spot checks or press checks for Worlds, need to be clear how to get measured so people can ahead of time. To be concluded later. Harvey to consider offering the photography gig plus a sales stall to several photographers to do a deal.
4.2 Training Weekend – planning 2 like this year at ISC in Feb and Mar run by Ed Fitz which kick-start the season and boosted Easter turnout – Ed Fitz. Need to promote to all as this is a good way to bring on new people – Luke, enable people to come and watch – Ed Fitz
4.3 Wave conditions training – discussing an autumn 2017 Saturday in the bay, with Perry Pot Sunday on a high water weekend. Specific invites, swap people around boats, would be ok to borrow ISC RIBs, but would need drivers – Ed Fitz to ask around
4.4 Open Meeting circuit: more venues use Ranelagh Trophy, maybe at Netley – Dan to ask and report back
4.5 Creation of standard I14 SIs and NOR
4.6 Event/Circuit Sponsorship – Andy Fitz reported Spinlock would be interested in POW (£2,000 for bow stickers costing c £150, promo video at their cost, but they control output, potential naming rights etc), circuit TBD
4.7 POW 2019 Harvey reported Chris W had opened discussions with Royal Cornwall at Falmouth, All agreed this would be a good venue and more central than Restronguet, Harvey to follow up
4.8 Worlds 2021-23: UK venue Likely to be our turn around then, need to start thinking about this soon if want venues like Mounts Bay for example – Harvey

5 International Sailing Calendar – Andy F
5.1 San Fran Worlds 2018:
5.1.1 Containering update re: Hedge End loading – Andy F – Revised quote coming.
5.1.2 Containering update re: proposed dates and contingency time – Andy F
5.1.3 Process to collect £500 San Fran containering deposits – Andy Fitz to write to those proposing to go during Oct requesting deposits. Deadline for payment 1st Dec means you’re in the box.
5.1.4 Promote Worlds to all Members – Caroline – Worlds dates on website with link to Worlds site and Andy Fitz’s contact email for containering interest – Rich. Get onto Facebook and Installation etc – Luke. Contact all active members – Caroline
5.1.5 UK Calendar pre- Worlds aim to have Gallon and Hoptons weekends just before containering to encourage Scottish/Cornish boats to come – Ed Fitz
5.1.6 Accommodation – Andy Fitz to request information
5.1.7 Weather and sailing conditions – Andy Fitz to circulate Jason Lemieux email
5.1.8 Worlds Team Racing – Caroline to approach George Yeoman and Andy Shaw to propose a process and coordinate GBR teams
5.2 Proposed Europeans 2019: Germany: Flensburg: contact German fleet to support and request dates asap – Caroline to draft response
6 Sailing Matters – Andy F – Item not discussed
6.1 POW lessons learnt
6.2 Race Committee thank-you gifts – glasses, Dinner etc
6.3 Shortening W-L courses with 2 LW gates
6.4 Format of racing at POW 4 day POW will mean multiple each days.
6.5 Club to Class system enhancements required to optimise
6.6 Mainsail rule: discuss stumping/second main options
6.7 Cost of Itchenor events – Ed Fitz
6.8 Walker Trophy – Ed Fitz
6.9 Perry Pot – planning last one on a Saturday followed by prize-giving party on same day as kids party, fish and chips £10, pud £5 – Ed Fitz.

7 Future of the Class: How to increase numbers of UK 14s on the water: Create Sub Group from within and outside Committee – Harvey. Revisit next meeting.
7.1 Boat builders: IOW moulds sold? Class involvement? Zest have pulled back, prefer the Chinese hull option. Solent Boatyards are good, could approach them, Ben Migrant recommended an East coast guy – Harvey to check out who. Kev Driver at Beer also worth approaching.
7.2 Standardisation of kit? How to get more boats built?
7.3 How to get more members?

8 Measurer – Mark – Item not discussed
8.1 Measuring new boats
8.2 Rudder development review
8.3 Class survey to inform responses to weight reduction and multiple mains at Worlds

9 Marketing and Media – Harvey to propose a campaign to link all media activity moving forward: initial discussion Harvey proposed a strategic approach to selling the fleet. 14s are aspirational, available, affordable, have history, can carry weight. Need branding to be consistent and centred around a single strapline like 14s are forever. Need a few good boats at high profile multiclass events like Bloody Mary, Tiger Trophy, Datchet Flyer etc, all branded with sail and boat logos with weblink, and website cIearly offering Try, Sail, Buy options. Need input from professional marketeer like Andy Peake, Pudney etc. Could work up a “brochure” of key selling points, for print and electronic use. Andy Fitz offered support from Oceanair marketing to do this.

10 UK Website – Rich – POW report got 1500 hits! Rich is working away so will have some time to make mods – let him know what needs doing!
10.1 “Your Committee” tab with contacts – All to submit photos to Rich, either sailing or other, now have role-based emails which are transferable to new people
10.2 Boats for Sale – Remove Dan’s boat – Rich
10.3 Calendar – can synch to own calendar. Look at using Club to Class? Rich
10.4 Measurers contact details and rates include – Mark to ask all Measurers to submit contact details, location and rates to Rich, and if they can measure sails, boats or both
10.5 New section for potential 14ers including “How to buy a 14” section with gear guides (hulls, masts, foils sails) and offering “Try a 14” trial sail – Harvey drafting this, in the interim Rich to create the heading on the website and put in some contacts that people can chat to, suggest Katie, get their permission first.
10.6 Photos – Andy Penman explore selling class owned photos as revenue stream. To hire a photographer + 20 shots for Class = £150, £600 own all shots
10.7 Class clothing sales with photo and contact – Andy Penman create stock list, Rich get email contact, photos and prices on website, Andy Fitz to pick, pack and send out.

11 Dinghy Exhibition 2018 – Hugh & Luke
11.1 Exhibition entry form returned – Done, confirm Programme wording – Hugh
11.2 Sponsor to be sourced – how much to ask for? – Last year Allen did all promo, but no money. Suggest £250 to promote on stand and do poster. Could offer sponsors to pay to come to event and do media? Hugh to write to Lennon, Allen, Harken, Marlow via Pete Crockford to offer it. Andy Fitz to ask Spinlock. Money to cover cost of stand and posters preferred to teeshirts
11.3 Rota volunteers – Hugh/Luke
11.4 Video content? – Rock POW Photolounge slide show, Carnac video, POW 2016 HISC material, historic footage, Harry Penman drone footage, maybe Perry Pot?
11.5 Poster/calendar 2018 – use Rock POW photos, need sponsor – Hugh
11.6 Boat for stand – Dan’s may be on Harken stand. Jon Maguire’s Chinese boat is being fitted out by Zest, George Yeoman has Harken sponsorship, Roger and Ben possible and could deliver it, or Ollie’s older boat to show they last. Hugh & Luke to explore and report back.

12 Media and Social – Luke
12.1 POW Gear Guide write-up required for Y and Y – Dan
12.2 Event write-ups – Luke to work with Neale Jones to pre-book report writers for each event and get report out in following week with photos
12.3 Announce 2018 dates – Worlds with 20 boats going, POW, Easter, HISC Whitsun, containering – Luke
12.4 Regular Gossip e-newsletters to all Members
12.5 Mailing Lists – clarity needed about Facebook I14 list v ISC I14 list v Gossip list, email lists etc, and which we are using for what – Luke to liaise with Issy

13 Committee Administration
13.1 Meetings: at events, or monthly: Weds/Thurs at 8pm via Skype: electronic diary dates – agreed to meet at Itchenor on Sat 4th Nov after racing for Firecracker (11:00 start) – Caroline
13.2 Committee email Group – Caroline to set up
13.3 Falmouth Fleet Rep: Jamie Shelton – Andy Fitz to contact to sound him out
13.4 Class clothing: Simo/Becks Partington? – Need to find someone to take this on – All to think who might be willing, and develop it as income stream.
13.5 Logo, Fourteens are forever – Andy Fitz to sound out Pudney about modernising logo and brand style
13.6 Constitution – on website
13.7 World Association liaison and reporting

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