Weston Open

07 Jun Weston Open

Weston SC provided a warm welcome and a great racing environment for the small fleet of local and visiting boats over the bank holiday weekend.  Northerly winds meant that a long wind leeward course was possible with launching at 90° to the shore. The 14’s start was combined with the club asymmetric fleet with an independent finish. The race organization was good with both open meeting and club racing integrated well. However….. no one had bargained for the strength of the breeze.

Saturday recorded gusts of 30kts and despite brave attempts to take it on, that day was won by the weather. Glen and Chris from Poole were not phased and exchanged the 14 for windsurfing.

Sunday was clear and bright with slightly less wind but still gusting 25kts. Racing began, mostly for the entertainment of the spectators, and everyone was reminded how an International 14 can put the biggest smile on your face shortly before wiping it straight off again. Credit to Glen and Chris, and also locals Tom and Sam who went for a blast later in the day. Sadly, no one survived the race course!

Monday was hot with much less wind. A dying breeze from the previous day showed the other side of Weston. Short tacking, and tactical sailing where just as important as boat speed. The boys form Poole got away in the first race but Dave and Emma from Weston out tacked them to win the second and last race of the Open, giving them the event.


1463 (Beast) Dave and Emma (Weston SC)

1543 (Deep Purple) Glen and Chris (Poole)

1442 Tom and Sam (Weston)

1491 Sean and Greta (Datchet)

A big thank you to Weston for hosting the event and to the travellers that made it. It was great to have the Composite Craft Departure Design 1543 there as the newest boat in the fleet. It sparked a great deal of interest and was truly beautiful.

There is an invitation to any travelling 14s for Weston’s Skiff Open Meeting 24-25th July. It would be good to share this venue with more of the fleet.

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